Join our experienced team of Marine Biologists, Captains, Safety Divers and Photographers on a remote private expedition to Tuamotus Islands, an isolated array of atolls in French Polynesia making up the largest chain in the world. This location not only holds cultural and personal connection to our company, but inhabits an abundance of marine life including numerous species of shark. We have set out to explore and document this water and we have opened up an opportunity for experienced groups to accompany us. Many species have been sighted by our staff in the shallow waters of this location; including larger species such as the Great Hammerhead and Tiger Shark. This expedition will offer you the opportunity to learn about shark biology, behavior and conservation. Our goal is change the negative perception associated with sharks through education and healthy interaction. Expedition dates and duration vary — We are flexible and will do our best to meet the needs of private groups and organizations. For more information, please reach out through our contact form and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have.