This guided fishing tour caters to the experienced angler or spearman as well as those interested in discovering the Polynesian fishing culture for the first time. 


For the experienced:

An excursion reserved for the avid fisherman; spear fishing, trawling, jigg, & poppers. We will guide you to the best fishing grounds on Moorea and will aid you with information on local regulations, species identification, and effective methods. 



A portion of the day's catch will be prepared using traditional methods and served for your pleasure.

For the private Discovery Tour, when the expedition is finish  we welcome you at our home . We will prepare  the diner together with the fish of the day

Most commonly encountered fish include (but not limited to): parrotfish, trevally, papio, long nose emperor, bluefin jack, bigeye jack, brassy jack, squirellfish, soldierfish, grouper, and unicornfish

 Sustainability and minimal impact to the marine ecosystem is highly prioritized during all of our tours. We support scientific efforts to         improve our understanding of the marine ecosystem. A portion of the catch will be donated to research centers based on Moorea.



7:30 - 11:30      Sunrise Expedition

14:00 - 18:00   Afternoon Expedition 

*Hours are flexible per request


Experienced Tour: 60,000 CFP (3 guests maximum, private charter)

Private Tour: 65,000CFP (7 guest maximum)



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