How can I book with you guys?

If you would like to reserve a spot on an upcoming tour or if you would like to reserve a private charter, visit the Contact Us page with any questions. If you know which specific tour you are interested in booking you may make a  reservation  directly from the Wildlife Expeditions, Spearfishing Tours, or Private Charters option on the home page. You will receive a confirmation email upon booking.

Do I need any previous water experience?

Although previous water experience is recommended, you will be accompanied by an in-water guide that has your safety as first priority during our tours. Lifejackets are also available for those who are not comfortable in the water. During our wildlife expeditions, the humpback whale encounters are often offshore in deep water where the bottom is not seen. We recommend practicing your snorkeling skills in the lagoon prior to joining us.

What should I bring?

If you have your own snorkeling or dive equipment, feel free to bring it along! If you do not have equipment we can provide it for you, just be sure to mention it while booking so that we can accommodate you with the proper sizes. We recommend bringing any camera (especially underwater equipped setups) that you may own to capture your experience. We highly suggest bringing sunscreen and towels for ultimate comfort during expeditions. Beverages, light snacks, and dry storage is provided onboard. Don't forget your sunglasses!

Our vessels are located on the West side of the island. Parking is available to those who have their own transportation. If you are in need of transportation to and from your accommodations please notify us within the booking form. Those who have arranged for transportation through us may be picked up by vehicle or by boat depending on your accommodation location. 


Where are you located and do you provide transportation?

Moorea is bountiful with marine wildlife of various species. The humpback whale season begins mid-July and ends mid-November. Sharks, rays, dolphins, pelagic cetaceans, seabirds, sea turtles, and fish remain year round. Although the marine ecosystem of French Polynesia is teeming with life we cannot guarantee any specific species during your tour other than pink whiprays and blacktip reef sharks. 

What wildlife will we encounter?

You might! Everyone is a little bit different. If you have been on boats before and know you are prone to seasickness, we recommend that you take Dramamine once the night before and also one hour before your tour departure for maximum efficiency. If you are unsure if you get seasick, you might want to take some motion sickness preventative medication before hand. The seas are typically calm both inshore and offshore the island, but winter conditions can bring both winds and swell. 

Will I get seasick?

If you would like a professional photographer or videographer on board to capture your experience, please let us know. Images and video can be purchased for same day delivery after your tour has finished. It is a wonderful way to remember your adventure! To see examples and more information on this service, click here. 

Do you provide photography and video services?