Discovery tour


An excursion ideal for those wishing to learn about the traditional methods of fishing in French Polynesia, observe the vast marine life, and experience incredible views from the ocean. You will discover breathtaking corals and marine ecosystems, various species of fish along with the associated techniques used by local fishermen, and environmental management and protection methods.

A portion of the day's catch will be prepared using traditional methods and served for your pleasure.

For the private Discovery Tour, when the expedition is finished we welcome you at our home . We will prepare  the dinner together with the fish of the day.

Most commonly encountered fish include (but not limited to): parrotfish, trevally, papio, long nose emperor, bluefin jack, bigeye jack, brassy jack, squirellfish, soldierfish, grouper, and unicornfish

 Sustainability and minimal impact to the marine ecosystem is highly prioritized during all of our tours. We support scientific efforts to         improve our understanding of the marine ecosystem. A portion of the catch will be donated to research centers based on Moorea.

You will experience:

  • the crystalline waters of the sand bottom lagoon including a personal encounter with pink whipray stingrays and blacktip reef sharks
  • drift through a channel towards the outer reef to observe leopard rays and grey sharks beneath you in the pass
  • pelagic interactions with cetaceans including spinner dolphins, rough toothed dolphins, and more if conditions are permitting
  • observation of traditional fishing methods and preparation of catch


7:30 - 11:30      Sunrise Expedition

14:00 - 18:00   Afternoon Expedition 

14:30-18:00      Afternoon Expédition  / Diner 19:00-21:00

*Hours are flexible per request


Discovery Tour: 12,000 CFP per guest (7 guests maximum)

Private Discovery Tour with diner : 65,000CFP (7guest maximum)



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