Tiger Shark Excursion

A couple months ago I was contacted by Madisson Stewart after a friend of hers recommended my service. Her friend Kori came to Moorea last summer and did multiple Humpback Whale and shark dives with me and told Madisson that Moorea Moana Tours can help you  to get up close and personal with the marine life in Moorea. Kori and Madisson are avid divers and shark specialists, with a passion for Big Tigers.

On February 16TH Madisson and her boyfriend Perrin James rented my boat to observe and film sharks along Tahiti’s coral reefs. 

We arrived at the secret spot around 11am and as soon as they hit the water there was a cloud of sharks! Grey sharks, black tips, lemon’s, but no Tigers…

We were in about 70 ft of water with perfect visibility. It was amazing to watch Madisson interacting and playing with the sharks, that girl has no fear! I guess that‘s why she’s got the nick name shark girl! 

After about an hour in the water everything changed, we saw her! A huge, 5 meter Tiger shark swam in to say hello!

It was truly an amazing experience to see such a beautiful creature only a few feet away. People have this notion that they attack everything they see and we are really scared of sharks but when the water is perfectly clear like it is in Tahiti and when we respect them, they pose no real threat to us.

I was able to get some  shots  of Madisson and James swimming with the Tiger Sharks and I know it’s a day we’ll never forget!


Pierrick Seybald