First Sailfish with speargun

The weather was really good, no wind, no courant and clear water.

wake up at 4:00am ,prepare the flasher and all the spearfishing staff with my friends John Cassagne.

At 5:00am in front of my home we was ready on the boat .I love dive before the light.

That days was really strange , during more than 2 hours  we haven't seen any big fish. I said to john let's go back home to take a coffee. I was lucky ,Jhon decided to try more.

Around 9:00am i saw the sailfish come from the deep to the flasher, i dive until him, focus on his gill and give the shot.I was prepared for a big fighting but the shot was really good and he only took me few meters of dyneema.

15 minute after i was on the boat with my first sailfish ,this feeling at this moment  is unforgettable.

Pierrick Seybald